Get name of the month from the number of the month Java

Many times we need to use month name to display date in well formed manner. I encounter this issue while developing Android application that use Android datepicker. It returns me the number of the month between 0 to 11 [I thought it would be 1-12]. But for display I need the name of the month.

For that I found one Java class that can convert integer number to name [I am too lazy to write an array that can do the work for me]. And the class DateFormatSymbols can convert it the following way. I just made a method so everyone[like me !!!] can copy-paste it to their project.

public String getMonthForInt(int num) {
    String month = "wrong";
    DateFormatSymbols dfs = new DateFormatSymbols();
    String[] months = dfs.getMonths();
    if (num >= 0 && num <= 11 ) {
        month = months[num];
    return month.toLowerCase();

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